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Unlike other law firms, LKG is comprised of specialized lawyers that dedicate their practice to specific areas of the law such as medical malpractice defense, nursing home defense, medical licensing, governmental and municipal liability, professional liability, business-related matters and personal injury. The lawyers at LKG have over 100 years of combined legal experience handling cases in Wisconsin, the Midwest and throughout the United States. Legal disputes can be scary, frustrating and time consuming. Having an experienced, professional lawyer on your side is essential. At LKG, our lawyers understand the complexities of litigation and are skilled in handling matters from inception to trial. LKG has a distinguished and prominent reputation in the Wisconsin and national legal community as attorneys that obtain results. Applying diligence, integrity and efficiency, LKG is a full-service law firm devoted to serving its client’s needs through ethical and competent strategies, plans and a multi-disciplinary approach. As specialized lawyers, LKG is uniquely situated to handle the most intricate and technical issues. Whether the case involves sophisticated medical procedures, architectural or legal malpractice, or a simple slip and fall, LKG has the experience, personnel and resources to handle it effectively. Specialized cases require specialized lawyers and LKG’s in-the-trenches attorneys have the savvy, acumen and legal fortitude to provide the highest level of representation.

Our Lawyers

Areas of Specialization

Medical Malpractice & Healthcare

Lawsuits against physicians, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare providers are all too common. These actions challenge the reputation, experience and integrity of the providers involved.

Appellate Advocacy

Cases do not always end after trial. At LKG, our experienced attorneys have handled appeals at all level of the Federal and State Court Systems including all of Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals, Wisconsin Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court

Municipal & Local Government

LKG has long represented municipal and county government and governmental agencies throughout the State of Wisconsin. With a significant governmental practice, LKG has been involved in defending police officers, firefighters, prison guards, jails, county operated medical and nursing facilities.

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

The dental sciences are a separate area of medicine practiced by professionals with individualized training and degrees. Too often, lawyers who work on general health care matters contend they are competent to defend dental professionals and, yet, their experience in this practice area is virtually nonexistent.

Licensing & Agency Reviews

Not all legal issues involve a lawsuit. In fact, many times the most serious legal ramifications involving professionals, especially in the medical and dental arena, are attacks on their licensure to practice. Through their representation of health care professionals, the lawyers at LKG are intricately involved.

Nursing Home & Assisted Living

Although similar and often intertwined with medical malpractice cases, the defense of nursing home and other assisted living facilities involves separate statutory requirements and issues that are exclusive to this medical setting.

Professional Liability & Services

Any profession offering advice or services to a client has exposure to liability. At LKG, handling professional liability is what we do. In addition to medical professionals, the attorneys at LKG have represented clients in other professional matters such as real estate brokers, lawyers, insurance agents, architects, engineers, IT professionals, and computer web and system developers.

Healthcare Policy & Corporate Services

Behind the scenes, healthcare groups, practitioners and clinics need advice on establishing appropriate policies, procedures and/or general advice on legal issues. In these situations, it is best to turn to lawyers that know the complete cycle of healthcare related legal ramifications.

Personal Injury

If you are injured in an automobile accident or due to the negligence of another, turn to the lawyers who know both sides of the law. LKG’s defense orientation provides their lawyers with the perspective of knowing the ways to effectively prosecute an injury claim. Having the insight of understanding how cases are defended, LKG can proficiently maneuver and combat the obstacles to reimbursement for your injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LKG represent individuals?

Yes. While many of LKG’s clients are affiliated with medical centers, institutions, practice groups, government and other entities, an equal number of our clients are individuals in need of legal assistance. We frequently represent individuals that have been sued, involved in licensing board matters, or find themselves in situations where they need our advice. LKG is a multifaceted law firm that is equipped to handle both large corporate matters and individual concerns, such as the initiation of a business or medical practice. Additionally, LKG represents individuals who have suffered personal injuries through automobile accidents or other situations. LKG strives to provide tailored legal services tailored to meet the needs of all its clients.

Does LKG represent non-traditional and/or ancillary healthcare practices?

Yes. Medicine and healthcare is always evolving. LKG commonly assists clients in ancillary or non-traditional medical practices such as message therapy, aesthetic medicine, acupuncture, cosmetic and beautification centers, personal trainers and general healing centers. Whether it is due to litigation or simply assisting in procuring the proper licensure, LKG has the resources to help any type of practice.

What other professions does LKG represent?

Although best known for the defense of medical malpractice lawsuits, LKG attorneys have successfully represented all professions against allegations of negligence, breach of contract, and other perceived errors or omissions. Although medical-related claims are a central part of LKG’s practice, its expertise logically evolved into other professional areas, such as the legal, architectural, accounting, insurance and IT professions. LKG’s focus on malpractice makes it uniquely situated to represent any and all professions who find themselves under scrutiny.

Could LKG serve as my group’s general counsel?

Yes. LKG frequently serves as the general counsel or on-call attorneys for a number of individuals, practice groups and other related health care and professional entities. LKG is often called upon to help start up practices, merge practices, formulate contracts, procure necessary licensures, create policies and procedures, handle general legal matters and assist clients in all aspects of their practice.

Does LKG only serve clients in Milwaukee or Southeastern Wisconsin?

Absolutely not. While LKG is located in Milwaukee, our client base is statewide. LKG has handled cases in every county in Wisconsin as well as in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, Vermont, Nevada, California and Connecticut.

Do I have to pay for an initial consultation?

No. LKG does not charge for initial meetings and/or case discussions. With so much at stake in their professional and financial standing, potential clients need to be selective of their attorneys and LKG feels the same about the cases it takes.

Is the only focus of LKG medical related matters?

Although medical related litigation is a lot of what LKG focuses on, it is far from the only area of specialty. LKG attorneys are commonly in front of Judges through the State in cases ranging from slip and falls to brain injuries. LKG was even retained to represent the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office in the John Doe legal proceedings. This fact highlights the variety of cases LKG handles.

What type of personal injury cases does LKG handle?

LKG does not handle claims of individuals against medical or dental health care providers. It does, however, represent individual clients in motor vehicle accidents, injuries caused by products, business disputes, or any other situation in which our expertise can be helpful.

Does LKG have any references?

LKG stands by its reputation and would gladly provide a list of references and representative matters that will confirm the firm’s commitment to excellence.

How do I reach the attorneys at LKG?

Feel free to call LKG’s main number or e-mail any of the attorneys at the addresses listed in the content of the website.

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Leib Knott Gaynor, LLC is located at 219 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 710, Milwaukee, WI 53202, in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. While Leib Knott Gaynor, LLC is located in Milwaukee its representation spans the entire State and Midwest.

Having handled cases from Superior to Kenosha and from La Crosse to Green Bay, Leib Knott Gaynor, LLC is a statewide law firm.

In addition, Leib Knott Gaynor, LLC has been retained to represent clients in Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, Nevada and California. Leib Knott Gaynor, LLC is a Wisconsin firm with national appeal.

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